Jawablah Dari teks prosedur dibawah, tulis apa aja preposisi yang ada di teks tersebut dan beri tanda? How to make rendang
Materials and Ingredient
Tools and materials Basic Materials:
a. 1 kg lean meat, cut into 4×4 cm
b. 2 liters of coconut milk from 2 coconuts (preferably not instant coconut milk)
a. 2 stalks lemongrass, bruised
b. 2 pieces of turmeric leaves, conclude
c. 2 cm kandis acid/gelugugur
d. 4 pieces of kaffir lime leaves

Ground spices:
a. 12 red onions
b. 6 cloves of garlic
c. 100 g big red chili
d. 100 g curly red chili
e. 5 hazelnuts
f. 2 cm galangal
g. 3 cm turmeric, burn
h. 2 cm ginger, roasted
i. 2 tsp salt
j. 1 tsp cumin, toasted
k. tbsp coriander
l. tsp nutmeg
m. Adequate flavoring


a. Cut the beef thinly according to your taste.
b. Puree the spices that must be mashed earlier.
c. Put the coconut milk in the pan after that the lime leaves, turmeric leaves,
lemongrass, tamarind, sliced ​​red onion.
d. Add the ground spices, mix well.
e. Cook the seasoned coconut milk while stirring occasionally for 20
f. After starting to appear to release oil, Enter
pieces of meat, cook over medium heat until
the coconut milk dries up and looks greasy and the meat starts
Soft means the rendang is cooked.
g. Lift and serve