Listen to the dialogue to fill the blanks! Ellen Hello. (1) .... me, I am Ellen. Do you speak English? Yes. I do. I'm Dias. What can I do for you, Ellen? Dias Ellen Dias Ellen Dias Ellen Dias Ellen Dias Ellen Dias Ellen Pinda QR Code untuk Mendengarkan I am sorry for interrupt you. I am a (2) around and I think I need a (3) from Indonesia. I want to go Do you want to be my guide? Yes, of course. I know this (4) very well. There's no problem if I accompany you while explaining many things of this beautiful place. That's cool. Thank you so much. I need a guide only for (5) ...., so how much should I pay? You just have to spend one dollar. Okay, no problem. Please (6).... me your best, Dias. Sure, I will do my best : Thanks. So, what place that we are going to start? An hour later, we will (7).... at Raffles' Landing Site. Have you ever heard about this place? No, tell me LEVE The Raffles' Landing Site is the (8).... where tradition holds that Sir Stamford Raffles landed in on January 29th 1819, which lasted ten days. During this period, he concluded the (9).... treaty with the local rules. The site is denoted by a statue of Sir Stamford Raffles and is (10) .... on the north bank of the (11) .... River. What a (12).... story. I can't wait to see it.​


Ellen needs a guide for her travel in Indonesia and asks Dias to be her guide. Dias agrees and charges her one dollar. They will start at Raffles' Landing Site, where Sir Stamford Raffles landed and concluded a treaty with local rules. The site is marked by a statue and is located on the north bank of a river. Ellen finds the story interesting and can't wait to see it.





5.One hour








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