1. the plane flew over Mr. Umar's head

2. photo above the chair

3. shrimp paste on the table


1.pesawat terbang (bukan pesawat kertas)


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Anda berada di toko kelontong dengan daftar belanja berikut: 200g garam 250 gram keju biru 3 bungkus spageti Anda mencari-cari harga barang dan menemu … kan 50g garam untuk $1,00 1g Keju Biru seharga $0,01 1 Paket Spageti seharga $1,50 Berapa biaya semuanya?
Please explain what are the meanings or assumptions attached to the following behaviors in your culture and in British or USA culture? a. Holding hand … s in public. b. Giving something with your left hand. c. Bowing d. Diamond ring on the forth finger of the left.
mencari artikel pendek dalam bahasa inggris teentang aktivitas puasa ramadhan di negara lain dalam bahasa inggris​
a correct manual! a cold, fresh water for the desired number of cups, using the water mal decanter as a guide 2. Plug the coffe maker into an el;ectri … c outlet 3. Trun the coffee maker on the press the brew button 4. Place filter in the filter basket. Add desired amount of coffee. one tablets poon per cup is s amount of it. The Topkapi Palace or the Seraglio, is large palace in Istanbul, Turkey, that was one of e major residences of the Ottoman sultan for almost 400 years of their 624-year reign. As well as a royal residence, the palace was a setting for state occasions and royal certainments. It is now a museum and as such a major tourist attraction. It also contains portant relics of the Muslim World. The palace complex consists of four main courtyard and many smaller buildings. At peak, the palace was home to as many as 4,000 people, and covered a large area with a shoreline. It is located on the Seraglio Point (Sarayburnu), a promontory overlooking Golden Horn and the sea of Marmara, with a good view of the Bosphorus from many ts of the palace. The site is hilly and one of the highest points to the sea. During Greek Byzantine times, the acropolis of the ancient Greek city of Byzantine stood there. at is the main idea of paragraph 3? at were the functions of Topkapi Palace?​
Number 21 through 25 combine the following two ideas by using the given words. We postponed our trip. The weather was bad. 21. therefore→→→→→→ 22. Con … sequently. 23. due to The car was expensive. We couldn't afford to buy it. 24. so.....that It was an expensive car. We couldn't afford to buy it. 25. Such....that​