Jawaban :
Kalimat Kebiasaan :
1.I wake up at 7 a.m everyday
2.My mother went shopping to Ali’s shop every Two days
3.I Visit my Grandma’s place every summer
4.My Cat Always Stares outside of our window

5.Greenlake Museum is Always Serving Free Icecream to Visitors in Saturday

6.The Sun Goes Up everyday
7.The sun Goes down everyday
8.I always wash my hands before i eat
9.I clean my shoes every 1 week
10.My Friend is always Praying at the Mosque

-Kalimat Yang sedang Berlangsung
1.i am visiting bandung
2.My mother is Cutting some apples
3.Dad is working at the Office
4.My Aunt is Sleeping now
5.I am Watering my Plants
6.You are Doing your Homework
7.Liam is Drinking his Juice
8.Lucy is Visiting his Grandmother’s Grave

9.Alex is Driving to the Mall
10.Alejandra is Eating some curry and naan




habit habit habit habit habit habit habit habit habit habit


tomorrow will be collected


Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

bantuu jawabb yaa soalnya ada di foto makasiiiiiiii ​
3.dayu always.... english to others at school A. speak B.speaks C.is speaking D.will speakyayang is a professional roller skater. here is here weekly … sehedulemonday.7.00-1300 school16.00-1900 roller skate stadium 7.00-13.00 school14.00-16.00 adi's birtday16.00-19.00 roller skate stadium4.how often does yayang practice roller skater? A.tree times a week B.four times a week C.twice a week D.once a week5.when is yayang off schoolA.every day B.on Friday C.on Friday and Saturday D.on Saturday and sunday6.on Friday yayang A. visit the library B.goes to his english course C.goes to roller skate stadium D.gos home earlier froom school7.here is her weekly schedule the closest meaning of the underlined wors isA.journey B.itinerary C.prescritption D.time tableana:johan sorry to disturb you but I need your help johan:oh that's alright I'm just readinga novel what can I help you ana? ana:i'm doing a math asignment now its very complicated help me to finish the asignmentjohan:ok let me see8.what is johan doing A.he is Reading a novel B.she is looking at johan C.he is doing a mats task D.she is watching tv9.what is ana doingA.he is doing a test B.he is Reading a novel C.she is having lunch D.she is doing the mats task10.aman:look!who...beside mr anton? dani;mis sinta the new teacher A.sit B.sits C.is sitting D. are sitting​
Some students go to school...car
tolong bantu jawab pliss​
2. make 3 Sentences to describe "Lion​