Tolonglah bantu saya mengerjakan soal ini dengan benar 1. you teachers certainly made history interesting you can say that again what does the man mean

a.He is in agreement about the teacher

b. He would like the woman to respect what he said

c. Her story was quite interesting.

d.The history teacher will give the same lecture again

2. I think we should pay the bills tonight how do I what does the woman mean

a.She agrees with the man

b.They should visit their friend bill.

c.The bills have already been paid.

d.It would be a good idea to play billiards

3.I think it would be nice to have a pet so do I what does the mean

a. He agrees with the woman.

b.The woman has a nice pet.

c.He should put the drinks on ice.

d.A bit of luck would be nice.

4.I think we should go out for dinner tonight how do I what does the woman mean

a.She would like the man to Prepare dinner tonight

b.She thinks they should go out Too

c.They should cook dinner Outside

d.They always go out for dinner​