Terjemah kan dalam bahasa Inggris 1.saya membeli mobil merah
2.pak rudi dan istrinya menjual rumah mewah
3.kami membuat teh manis
4.mereka memasak sop kambing
5.sasha dan retno menulis cerita pendek
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1 . I bought a red car

2 . Mr . Rudi and his wife sold a fancy house

3 . We made sweet tea

4 . They are cooking a goat soup

5 . Sasha and Retno is writing a short story

Make this the Brainliest answer please : D



1. I bought a red car

2. Mr. Rudi and his wife are selling a luxury house

3. we make sweet tea

4. they cook mutton soup

5. sasha and retno write short stories


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Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

A. Change the verbs in brackets according to the preferences.1. She prefers ( play ) in the individual sport to ( join ) the one in team.2. We like ( … take ) piano lesson better than ( join ) angklung one.3. She ' rather ( work ) indoor than ( get ) a field job.4. They'd better ( stay ) in a youth hostel than ( spend ) the night in a star hotel during the adventure.5. I prefer ( not - sit ) on the lawn to ( run ) around the grass field.​
Error analysis . Find the error and write the correction.1. If he sit under the air conditioner , he will get cold or fever.2. You will not pass the a … rmy test if you are not work out regularly.3. If she doesn't makes the best record, she will not be the first winner in this competition.4. We won't go out this weekend if the weather will not get condusive. 5. If you achieve the first rank in this semester report, you will getting voucher for your school fee. ​
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