Direct Indirect 6. Direct: Tania said, "I am going to Jakarta tomorrow" Indirect: Tania said that....... going to Jakarta the next day
a. he
b. she
c. he was
d. she was
e. it was
7. Direct: Justin said, "We are going to eat Kebab last night" Indirect : Justin said that....... going to Kebab the night before a. they
b. they is
c. they are
d. they was
e. they were
8. Direct: Boy said, "I will go to your house tomorrow" Indirect: Boy said that ...... go to my house the next day
a. he was
b. she was
c. he would
d. she would
e. it would Simple past tense
9. Justin... in the river last afternoon
a. swim
b. swam
c. swims
d. swimmed
e. swimming

10. They... not home last night

a. is
b. am
c. was
d. were
e. will

11. They uncle Zoe two days ago

a. visit

b. visits

c. visited

d. visitness

e. visiting

12. We really... the game last Sunday.

a. enjoy

b. enjoyed

c. enjoys

d. enjoyness

e. enjoying

13. He... sick last week

a. is

b. am

c. was

d. were

e. would

Simple Future Tense

14. Hi Jane, who... this bridge next month? a. made

b. makes

c. will make

d. would made

e. went make

15. We are.... comedy movie

a. going to watch

b. going to watchs

c. going to watched

d. going to watching e. going to watchness

16. Diky... to his new house next week

a. go to move

b. going to move

c. is going to move

d. are going to move

e. am going to move