Read the text to answer the following question! Once upon a time there was a rose who was very proud of its beautiful looks. Its only disappointment was that it grew next to an ugly cactus. Every day, the rose would insult he cactus on its looks while the cactus stayed quiet. All the other plants in the garden tried to make the rose see sense, but it was too swayed by it own good looks. One summer, the well in the garden grew dry and there was no water for the plants. The rose began to wilt. It saw a sparrow dip its beak into the cactus for some water. Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if it could have some water too. The cactus readily agreed and they both got through the tough summer as friends. The rose ignored other plants' advice to change its attitude because.... O it thought that it was right.
Oit believed it was the prettiest.
O it could change others to do so.
O it didn't trust other plant.​



because it believed it was the prettiest


semoga bantu


Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggris dengan bahasa yang benar dan sesuai (materi tentang SIMPLE PAST TENSE)14. Setelah pelajaran sosiologi selesai, dil … anjut pelajaran matematika sampai jam pulang sekolah15. Setelah selesai kegiatan belajar dikelas, saya mengikuti ekstrakulikuler karawitan disekolah sampai jam 5 sore16. sesampainya di rumah saya mandi dan melaksanakan sholat Maghrib17. setelah itu keluarga dan saya makan malam18. lalu melaksanakan sholat isya19. kemudian saya belajar dan mengerjakan tugas sekolah20. setelah semua kegiatan sudah dilakukan, biasanya pada jam 10 malam saya tidur​
Contoh membuat riviuw texs dalam bahasa Inggris beserta strukturnya
Write the correct form of the adverb for the adjective in brackets.1 Laura often makes mistakes because she always does her homework very......(quick) … .2. Hans speaks....(fast)in our class.3. You speak English much.....(good) than me.4.Please can you speak....(slow)? I didn't understand you before.5 None of us did well in the exam, but I did....... (bad)!6. I think I work...... (hard) in English lessons than I do in science.tolong dijawab yang benar yah jangan ngasal!!! ngasal report!!! terimakasih​
gc pls batas nya jam 5 an. point nya ga maen-maen ini
▪︎TUGAS 5 CARILAH KATA KERJA BENTUK 2 ATAU VERB 2 DARI BACAAN RECOUNT DI BAWAH INI FISING Last week, I went to the lake for fishing. It was the suitab … le time for fishing because I had nothing to do. I went there with my friends. I woke up earlier in the morning and prepared everything. Not long after that, my friends came and we went to the lake we have decided before to start fishing. Arriving at the lake, I directly searched the best spot to get a giant fish. After searching for about ten minutes, finally I found the spot. It was under the big tree at the bank of the lake. I threw my hook as far as I could then I waited for the fish eating my bait. It had been 15 minutes and i finally saw the sign that there was a fish eating my bait. I tried to pull it up and i succeeded. I got a three kilogram fish. I was so excited. I threw the hook again and again. I got more than ten fish that day. I enjoyed the moment so much that i didn't realized that the sun had already set. I called my friends and we went home. I got so many fish that day even though i was so tired. I think i will visit the spot again in the next holiday.​