1. What is Renata's achievement mentioned in the letter above? a. Passing 9th grade examination.
b. Getting a new job.
C. Getting promoted.
d. Making a progress in her learning.

2. Besides Aisha, who else has sent the congratulation to Renata?

a. Aisha's father.
b. Aisha's parents.
C. Renata's parents.
d. Renata's family.

3. "You were such persistence."
The underlined word above has the
same meaning with .... HOTS

a. diligent
b. lazy
c. furious
d. grumpy​



1.D.making progress in her learning.

2.B.Aisha's parents.


Maaf kalo ada yang salah!


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7. The bold word in "What about you?" refers to .... a. Mega b. Bayu and Mega C. Mega's books d. Bayu​
procedure text tolon bantu yah kakak
11. What day is today? b. What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow? What month is this month? What month was last month? d​
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Complete the sentence using your own word.1. I really enjoyed Todd Rundgren's live concert, although .........2. Even though the hotel had four stars, … ......3. Although I didn't speak the language, .......4. She is quite fit and healthy even tough ....... 5. Although he was innocent ......​