1. We......the winners of the competition(-). A. Is not B. Are not 2. They.....the an Indian family.(-). A. Are not C. Not
3. ..........She very clever in the school? A. Am B. Do
4. ........we the winners of the competition? (di buat kalimat pertanyaan). A. Are C. Do B. Is D. Am
5. .........Joni student here? A. Am B. Is C.No D.Am not
6. ........the tiger feeling hungry? A. Are B. Am C. Is not D. No.

boleh bantu gk kk soalnya nanti dikumpul ​



1. B. Are not

2. A. Are not

3. Is she very clever in the school?

4. A. Are

5. B. Is

6. A. Are


Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

A mummy is a dead body that has not decomposed. Natural mummies are accidents of nature, formed by freezing, drying or waterlogging. Artifical mummies … are preserved by people who have used different methods to preserve bodies. Lots of mummies have been found in the peat bogs of Northern Europe. Peat is a soily substance that is formed from plants that have fallen into pools of water. The plants sink to the bottom and are slowly turned into peat. If a dead body is placed in a bog, it could be preserved as a mummy. This is because there is little oxygen or bacteria to decompose the body. Many people are interested in studying mummies. Once they studied mummies by opening them up. However, nowadays they don’t need to open them up. They are studied by taking X-rays of bones, while scans reveal soft tissue in great detail. 1. What is the purpose of the text? ________________________________________________________________ 2. How are natural mummies made? ________________________________________________________________ 3. Why may a dead body which is placed in a bog be preserved as a mummy? ________________________________________________________________ 4. How do people study mummies? ________________________________________________________________ 5 “. . . while scans reveal soft tissue in great detail.” (Last paragraph) What is the opposite meaning of the word ‘reveal’? WHAT IS THUNDER? Thunder sounds like an explosion. Lightning causes thunder. The sound comes from air that suddenly gets very hot. A bolt of lightning can make the air around it as hot as 18,000° Fahrenheit (10,000° Celsius). That’s hotter than the surface of the Sun! The hot air rushes away from the lightning bolt. The air rushing away makes the loud sound of thunder. You often hear the thunder after you see a bolt of lightning. This is because sound travels slower than light. The farther away the lightning is, the longer it takes for you to hear the thunder. You can tell how far away the lightning is. You can count the seconds between the lightning and the sound of the thunder it makes. Sound travels about 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers) every 5 seconds. If you count slowly to 5 and hear thunder, the lightning bolt was about 1 mile away. If you count to 15 before you hear thunder, the lightning bolt was 3 miles away. 6. What does paragraph 2 of the text above tell about? ________________________________________________________________ 7. Why do we often hear the thunder after seeing the lightning? ________________________________________________________________ 8. How many miles away from you is the lightning bolt if you count the sound of thunder at 30 seconds? ________________________________________________________________ 9. The word “it” in the sentence “A bolt of lightning can make the air around it as hot as 18,000° Fahrenheit (10,000° Celsius).” refers to … . ________________________________________________________________ 10. The word “you” in the text refers to …. ________________________________________________________________
bantu saya jawab soalan ini​
my sister asked the waither to bring a glass of water buatlah kalimat pasif​
Tolong buat kan recount text 3 paragraf bahasa inggris tentang liburan ke bandung dengan keluarga saat liburan sekolah​
he reads a book in the library. buatlah kalimat pasif​