Correct the errors in the following sentences. a. There isn't any milks in the refrigerator. b. I don't have many time to practice the dance.
c. Is there some tea in the pot?
d. London has much beautiful buildings.​



a. There isn't any milk in the refrigerator.

b. I don't have much time to practice the dance.

c. Is there any tea in the pot?

d. London has many beautiful buildings.​


Materi countable noun dan uncountable noun.

Apa itu countable noun?

a. milk adalah uncountable noun, jadi tidak boleh ditambahkan s di akhir kata tersebut.

b. time adalah uncountable noun. Untuk menyebut cuncountable noun yang "banyak", kita pergunakan much, bukan many. Many dipergunakan untuk countable noun, misalnya (many books, many cars )

c. Untuk kalimat tanya (dan juga kalimat negatif), dipakai any , bukan some.

(+) I have some tea (tea adalah uncountable noun, jadi biarpun ada "some" (artinya sejumlah, tidak sedikit tapi tidak banyak) tea, tea tidak mendapatkan tambahan s

(-) I don't have any tea.

(?) Do you have any tea?

d. buildings (perhatikan ada tambahan huruf s) adalah countable noun. Untuk menyebut ""banyak" terhada countable noun, kta pakai many bukan much.

Semoga bermanfaat.

A. There isn’t any milk in the refrigerator.
b. I don’t have much time to practice the dance.
c. Is there any tea in the pot?
d. London has a lot of beautiful buildings.

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