Read the text to answer the following question! "How to Make Easy French Toast" To make French Toast, you need: 1. 1 spoon of sugar 2.2 eggs 3.4 pcs of bread 4.1/4 cup of milk 5. Butter 6. Pan 7. Fork 8. Plate 9. Bowl Steps: 1. Break the eggs, then pour the milk in the bowl. 2. Add a spoon of sugar. 3. Mix the sugar, milk, and eggs. 4. Next, put 1 piece of bread in the bowl with eggs, milk, and sugar. Then, turn it over. 5. Put butter on the pan and heat. 6. After the pan is hot, take out the bread from the bowl and put it in the pan. 7. Flip the bread after you cook one side, to the other side. 8. After finishing the bread, cook the other 3 pieces of bread with the same steps. 9. Now, serve the bread on the plate. "To make French Toast, you need:" The expression in the text above belongs to.... O methods
O purpose
O goal
O materials​





Alasan:method= penjelasan/cara


Teks di atas adalah teks prosedur yang berisi cara atau urutan dalam menyelesaikan suatu hal, maka opsi yang tepat ialah methods (cara-cara)


Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

Error analysis . Find the error and write the correction.1. If he sit under the air conditioner , he will get cold or fever.2. You will not pass the a … rmy test if you are not work out regularly.3. If she doesn't makes the best record, she will not be the first winner in this competition.4. We won't go out this weekend if the weather will not get condusive. 5. If you achieve the first rank in this semester report, you will getting voucher for your school fee. ​
Error analysis. Choose the error and write the correction . 1. I would advise you,I think you must continue your study at vocational school.2. Excus … e me, I really need your help. Should you help me to move this desk?3. " Don't take a picture inside the museum" It means you will not take photo with our cameras or gadgets4. Look! Dinner is ready. You should choose which dishes and vegetables you like.5. Good morning, you look so busy , must I help you, friend? Not necessary, I can manage myself.​
Error analysis. Choose the error in each sentence based on the english standardized grammar and write the correction.1. My Dad wanted me to go to "SMA … "after "SMP" but I didn't agree with her idea .2. The requirements passing the new student submission test at Indonesia state universities is very strict.3. Do you love serve fried rice by yourself for dinner ? No, on line order is very simple.4. My parents always let me solving our lesson problem by myself. They really want me to be self confident and more matured.5. Please keep on try , I am sure you will find the best way out then.​
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Is it our dome or (they) ...? a. they b. themc. theird. theirs​