1. there is book on my table

there is apple in the class

there is table in my room

there is bottle in your bag

there is flower in her house

there is milk in the car

there is cup in the cupboard

there is my tea over there

there is rubbish in the dustbin

there is chocolate in the refrigerator

there is pillow in the bedroom

there is water on your chair

there is dirt on your head

there is paper in my drawer

there is pen in your pocket

2. there are many seats here

there are lots of cute things in my house

there are a few coins in my pocket

there are some books in the cupboard

there are many tissues in the bathroom

there are some picture in the museum

there are a lots of money in your wallet

there are a few keys on the table

there are many pillow in my bedroom

there are lots of paper in my drawer

there are some butter in the refrigerator

there are plenty of box in the car

there are five chocolate in my bag

there are some candy in my house

there are a few rubbers on your chair


gitu gk siii

    on my table/in your house dll bukan adverb