My father is Mr. Marzuki. He is very warm, smart, and funny person. I live with him in Munjungan, Trenggalek. My father is quite handsome man. Now, he is about 35 years old. He has well-built body because he always does exercise every day. He is also tall . He has short black hair and black eyes. He has an oval face and pointed chin. He has slight moustaches and beard. He has slight dark brown skin. My father is a junior high school teacher. He teaches sports. He always goes to school in early morning and comes home in the afternoon around 03.00 pm. He works hard for his family. We all love him so much. He is the best lather in the world to me. write the generic structure



Ayah saya adalah Pak Marzuki. Dia orang yang sangat hangat, cerdas, dan lucu. Saya tinggal bersamanya di Munjungan, Trenggalek. Ayahku pria yang cukup tampan. Sekarang, dia berusia sekitar 35 tahun. Dia memiliki tubuh yang tegap karena dia selalu berolahraga setiap hari. Dia juga tinggi. Dia memiliki rambut hitam pendek dan mata hitam. Dia memiliki wajah oval dan dagu runcing. Dia memiliki sedikit kumis dan janggut. Dia memiliki kulit agak coklat gelap. Ayah saya adalah seorang guru sekolah menengah pertama. Dia mengajar olahraga. Ia selalu pergi ke sekolah pada pagi hari dan pulang pada sore hari sekitar pukul 15.00. Dia bekerja keras untuk keluarganya. Kami semua sangat mencintainya. Dia adalah busa terbaik di dunia bagiku. menulis struktur generik


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Tolong buatkan teks yang menceritakan tentang "Mahalini Raharja" dalam bahasa Inggris​
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Name Class/Grade Score Choose the correct answer between A,B,C and D with using (X). Please do not cheat! Allah is watching you. ^.^ 1. Opik: How are … you, Ryan? Ryan: Not too bad, thank you The underlined words mean A. asking about health B. talking about weather C. telling about others D. introductions 2. Ratu and her brother, Prabu, were talking in the verandah when Kadita, Ratu's friend, came. Ratu introduced her brother to Kadita. Ratu: Kadita: How do you do? Pleased to meet you Prabu: How do you do. The blank part supposed to be? A. How are you B. Kadita is my friend, Prabu C. How are things, Kadita? D. Kadita, this is my brother, Prabu. 3. The following is what you say to someone when you meet him/her at night? A. Good night B. Good evening C. Good day D. Good afternoon 4. All of the leave-talking following expressions are correct, EXCEPT? A. I think I must be going now B. I am afraid. It is time for me to leave C. We have had a wonderful time D. I am sorry, I have to leave now English Club SIT Insan Mulia_ 10. Passenger: Is it allowed to bring a bird on the plane? Custom officer : I am sorry, that is not allowed. The underlined utterance expresses? A. Caution B. Permission C. Admiration D. Prohibition 5. Teacher: Is there anything else you want to know? Students: That's all I want know Teacher: Alright, then see you tomorrow class! The underlined utterance expresses? A. Greeting B. Apologizing C. Congratulation D. Leave taking 6. Ratu: This Saturday night I am holding my birthday party. Why don't you all come? Friends: We'd love to, thanks The underlined utterance is used? A. to invite people B. to thank people C. to have an offer D. to have a leave-taking 7. Bobby: Will you go to the movie with me tonight? Henny: I'd love to but I don't think I can. There's so much homework to do. From the dialogue we know that Henny is? A. stating agreement B. giving an opinion C. accepting an offer D. refusing the invitation 8. "Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel 5 at eight. She always makes me happy. "Sure, I will" From the underlined words we know that the first speaker feels ______________ her daughter A. proud of B. angry with C. disappointed at D. doubtful about 9. Susi: Lets go to the Jazz Festival tonight Yani: You go, please. Jazz is not my music. I'd better go back to my books. From the dialogue we know that Yani Susi's invitation A. Refuses B. Accepts C. Ignores D. Hates 2023​