1. Today we are ........... to learn about job and professions. a. go
b. goes
c. went
d. going

2. Miss Mutia : Beni, what does your father ...............?
a. does
b. do
c. done
d. doing

3. Beni : My father is a ............. He plants and grows rice.
a. farmer
b. fisherman
c. cutter
d. trader

4. Miss Mutia : That’s great! How about you, Dayu, what .................... your father do?
a. do
b. does
c. did
d. doing

5. He is a teacher. He ............... mathematics in junior high school.
a. teach
b. is
c. teaching
d. teaches

6. Miss Mutia : That is wonderful! Lisa, how about your mother? Lisa : She’s a ....................... She takes a good care of us and our house.
a. chef
b. cook
c. housewife
d. good wife

7. They perform operations on their patients, they are ......
a. Policemen
b. pilots
c. doctors
d. surgeon

8. Mutia : Hey, that is a bird, too. It ................ high.
a. fly
b. plays
c. flies
d. files

9. It flies high. Dijadikan kalimat tanya?
a. it is not fly high
b. it not flies high
c. it dont flies high
d. it does not fly high

10. He want know does to other what friends do your ? ( 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10)
a. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
b. 9-7-5-4-1-2-10-3-6-8
c. 5-7-9-2-1-3-6-4-10-8
d. 4- 1-2-5-3-7-10-6-8-9




Multiple Choice:

1. D. Going

2. B. Do

3. A. Farmer

4. B. Does

5. D. Teaches

6. C. Housewife

7. D. Surgeons

8. C. flies

9. -

10. D. 4- 1-2-5-3-7-10-6-8-9


Jawaban dicetak tebal.

1. D. Going karena setelah subject + Tobe (is/am/are) + Verb-ing

2. B. Do karena setelah 5W1H (What) + Does + Subject + Verb-1 + ?

3. A. Farmer karena Petani menanam padi

4. B. Does karena subjeknya adalah u=your Father, jadi pakai "Does"

5. D. Teaches karena subjeknya He, jadi kata kerjanya "teaches"

6. C. Housewife karena Ibu rumah tangga itu adalah "housewife"

7. D. Surgeons karena mereka adalah para dokter ahli bedah

8. C. flies karena subjeknya tunggal "a bird", jadi kata kerjanya "flies"

9. Tidak ada jawaban karena jika kalimat (+) it flies high. maka bentuk kalimat tanyanya menjadi: (?) Does it fly high?

Jika dijadikan kalimat negatif (-) maka pilihan jawaban yang benar adalah pilihan D. it does not fly high

10. D. 4- 1-2-5-3-7-10-6-8-9 karena sesuai angka maka kalimatnya menjadi "Does he want to know what your other friends do?" (Apakah dia ingin tahu apa yang dilakukan temanmu yang lain?)

Semoga membantu ya.

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