Ubah ke past simple or past progressive 1. She (walk) down the street when she (see) her mother and stopped to say hello.
2. Helen (see) the old man and (go) to help him.
3. Coral (read) a book when the phone (ring).
4. When he (receive) her letter, he (stay) in Germany.
5. While he (look) out of the window, he (notice) that there was a man who (stand) on the other side of the road.
6. The grocer (lock) up his shop, (get) on his bicycle and (go) home.
7. I (give) Claire her present and she (say) thank you.
8. The pirates (dig) a hole and (hide) the treasure in it.
9. While they (eat) their lunch, somebody (come) to the door.
10. When he (be) younger, he (grow) vegetables for the whole family.
11. Sarah (meet) Mrs Jones while she (do) her shopping.
12. (he, break) his leg while he (play) football?
13. She (drop) the glass because she (carry) too much.
14. Kate (meet) Maria while he (work) as a waiter in Benidorm.
15. Mr and Mrs Smith (lose) their passports while they (travel) through California.
16. All the time I (write) a letter, she (try) to practise the piano.
17. While I (be) in town yesterday, I (call) you four times.
18. This morning, as I (come) out of the house, the sun (rise).
19. He (steal) lots of cars before the police (catch) him.
20. What (you, do) all the time I (work) in the garden?