Jawablah soal berikut dengan benar dan serius Once upon a time, there was an honest and diligent girl. She worked with a rich and kind queen in a distant land. Years passed and it was time for the girl to return to her family. The queen gave her a magic and precious basket. "The basket will give you enough food." said the queen. The girl was so happy and soon she left the palace to meet her family.

Because the distance to the village was so far, she stopped at an inn and spent a night there. The innkeeper stole the magic basket and changed it with an identical basket After the long and tiring trip, the girl arrived home. She at once wanted to show the power of the basket. But the basket didn't serve tasty food. The queen asked the girl what happened then the girl told the whole story. The queen was angry and by her magical power took the basket back quickly. Since that time the girl could live happily with the magic basket

8. What did the queen give to the girl in return for her work?

9. a Why did the girl spend the night in an inn on her way home?​



Alkisah, ada seorang gadis yang jujur dan rajin. Dia bekerja dengan seorang ratu yang kaya dan baik hati di negeri yang jauh. Tahun-tahun berlalu dan sudah waktunya bagi gadis itu untuk kembali ke keluarganya. Sang ratu memberinya keranjang ajaib dan berharga. "Keranjang akan memberimu cukup makanan." kata ratu. Gadis itu sangat senang dan segera dia meninggalkan istana untuk menemui keluarganya.Karena jarak ke desa yang begitu jauh, ia singgah di sebuah penginapan dan bermalam di sana. Pemilik penginapan mencuri keranjang ajaib dan menggantinya dengan keranjang yang sama. Setelah perjalanan panjang dan melelahkan, gadis itu tiba di rumah. Dia sekaligus ingin menunjukkan kekuatan keranjang. Tapi keranjang itu tidak menyajikan makanan enak. Ratu bertanya kepada gadis itu apa yang terjadi kemudian gadis itu menceritakan keseluruhan ceritanya. Sang ratu marah dan dengan kekuatan gaibnya mengambil kembali keranjang itu dengan cepat. Sejak saat itu gadis itu bisa hidup bahagia dengan keranjang ajaib8. Apa yang diberikan ratu kepada gadis itu sebagai imbalan atas pekerjaannya?9. a Mengapa gadis itu menghabiskan malam di penginapandalam perjalanan pulang?


8.Because the distance to the village is so far,

9.magic and precious basket

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Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

Fill in the blank with the correct answer! B. The following dialogue is for number 1-5. Alif: "Hello, Adza. By the way, what are you doing?" Adza: "I … am writing a story. It is one of my hobies. What's wrong?" Alif : "Nothing. May I ask you?" Adza: "Yes. What is it?" Alif : "It is about the exams last week. Did you get the good mark in the class?" Adza: "Yes, of course." Alif : "That's unbelievable. Congratulation Adza" Adza: "Thank you very much, Alif. Firstly, I unbelievable about it. But, this is a fact.Question:1. Adza's hobby is ....2. the date of the exam is ....3. the first feeling had by adza when he got a good score is ....4. that's unbelievable. congratulations adza'' the expression above is included into the expression of ....5. ''i don't belive it at first. but, this is a fact'' the closest meaning of the underlined word above is ....​
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Father asked them,"What time do you go on a picnic? Answer:​
tolong kerjain donggg plisss......​
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