1. What does edo do at 7.00 in the evening? 2. What time does edo have lunch ?
3. When does edo Ho to school ?
4. What does edo do at 10.00 p.m ?
5. What does edo at 03.30 in the afternoon ?



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In search of food, tigers usually hunt prey such as rabbits, deer, deer and others. Having the ability to run very fast makes it easy for tigers to ch … ase their prey. translate ke indonesia​
SOAL ESSAY Petunjuk: Tuliskan jawaban dengan tulisan yang rapi dan jelas secara berurut (tidak acak). READING TEXT READING I(Descriptive) Read the tex … t and answer the questions! WIB On the banks of the Chao Phraya, Bangkok's "Waterway of Kings", lies an inn that has effectively set new principles of neighborliness for this commended city. Set in sublimely landscaped tropical patio nurseries, the Shangri-La Bangkok furnishes visitors with all the appeal and warmth of the orient and, in the meantime, unbeatable scope of offices and relaxation exercises. There is a decision of 12 heavenly settings in which to go out on the town, a huge freestyle swimming pool that ignores the stream, convention and getting offices for together to 2000 indivuals, and a 24 hourbusiness focus. Furthermore, from each and every visitor room and suite, there is a stunning perspective of all the extraordinary hurrying around of the mythical "Stream of Kings" One may expect such an all-around prepared and situated inn to be miles far from the downtown area at the same time, at Shangri-La Bangkok the business region and peinciple shopping zones are insignificant minutes away. From over 200 years, Bangkok's grandeur has been reflected in the waters of the Chao Phraya. Today, the Shangri-La Bangkok towers close to this glorious waterway, offers its visitors the brilliant guarantee of the East. 1. What does the content primarily concentrates on? 2. For what number of individuals the getting offices are together to ? 3. The informative reason for this content is....... 4. The text above is included form of.....​
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My life has changed since ___________.
10. Don't be............... I know you can do it. You are very talented. * d. brave c. scary e. stingy b. shy a. naughty