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buatlah 5 soal dialog tentang congratulations beserta jawabannya?..tolong bantu jawab sih buat hari ini ​
1. Make a dialogue based on the situation below. You are in a bookstore. You cannot find the book you want to buy. A shopkeeper comes and helps you fi … nd the book. (A-B. A-B, A-B)tolonggg kerjain plss. dikumpulin jam 14.30​
~QUIZ~ . Soal: The environment group hopes . . . the forest to it's original condition by the end of the decade. A. to restore B. to be restored C. to … have been restored D. having restored . Syarat untuk menjawab soal : ● Dilarang jawaban berupa komentar spam atau asal²an. ● Dilarang copas jawaban dari google. ● Jawabannya harus disertai dengan penjelasan yang masuk akal. ● Gunakanlah kata-kata jawabanmu sendiri yang baik dan benar.​
Contoh text Newscasting
A long time ago, very few people lived in the new territories. There were only a few villages. If the people wanted to go from one village to another, … they often had to pass through wild and unsafe forest. One day, a farmer's young wife went to the next village to visit her own mother and brother. She brought along her baby son. When it was time for her to leave, her brother said, "it is getting dark. Let my son, Ah Tim go with you through the forest." So, Ah Tim led the way and the young woman followed behind, carrying her baby. When they were in the forest, suddenly they saw a group of wolves. They began to run to avoid the danger, but Ah Tim kicked against a stone and fell down. At once the wolves caught him. The young woman cried to the wolves, "please eat my own son instead." Then, she put her baby son on the ground in front of the wolves and took her nephew away. Everyone understood that this was because the woman was very good and kind. She had offered her own son's life to save her nephew. They ran back to the house and called for - help. All men in the village fetched thick sticks and went back with her into the forest. When they got there, they saw something very strange. Instead of eating the woman's baby the wolves were playing with him. 19. What separated between one village to another a long time ago in the new territories? a. Another village d. Hills b. Mountains c. Forests e. Towers and logs​