1. My grandfather has... old bike. It is ... black bike. 2. My brother is ... architect and my sister is... midwife 3. Seina broke... umbrella. It is ... blue and white umbrella. 4. Do you have napkin? I drop... egg on the floor. 5. There is ... alligator in the river and ... tiger across it. airplane is flying above... ricefield. 6. 7. May I have ... banana and ... apple, please? 8. This is luxurious house. That is... expensive car. 9. Would you like... ice cream or ... cup of coffee? 10. We're going to buy... school bag and... other bag for traveling. nanti saya ksi poin tolong bnget ​



1.An , A

2.A, A

3.An , A


5.An, A

6 A

7 A, An.

8 A, An

9.An , A

10 A, An

  • missmilky031
    di punya saya hanya ada satu kolom nya
  • pmbc916
    tuh no 4 kan ada dua kolom titik nya nih kok satu yh kk?


Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

papa ... bicycle to his office a rides b ride c riding d rided sama alasannya saya sambil belajar
kan gw laki-laki jadi pacar gw perempuan, buat kata dalam bahasa inggris yang benar pakai kata kitsune's bf atau kitsune' gf ? buat bio aja​
jawabb dong semua nya yg bener ya soal nya lgi butuh banget plis jawab dengan benar trus di jawab semua 1 sampai 8 ya​
The following dialog is for questions 7 to 9. Ms. Cinta: Attention, please. There will be several events to celebrate our school anniversary next week … . What are they, Ma'am? There will be a rice cone cutting ceremony and social services. The school has also planned to help underpreviliged children near our school. Therefore, each class should collect used clothes, but in good condition, that you have. We have to make well preparations to tone up the event. Reza, the class captain, please coordinate your classmates. All right, Ma'am. : Dania: Ms. Cinta: Reza Ms. Cinta: Please collect them soon, not more than Wednesday. Reza, please inform me if it is already done. Reza : Yes, Ma'am. 7. What should the students do next? A. Collect their used clothes immediately. B. Register the event to the committee immediately C. Report to Ms. Cinta about the school anniversary events. D. Make documentation of the school event. bu nouing​
tolonglah bantu saya mengerjakan soal ini dengan benar1. you teachers certainly made history interesting you can say that again what does the man mean … a.He is in agreement about the teacherb. He would like the woman to respect what he saidc. Her story was quite interesting.d.The history teacher will give the same lecture again2. I think we should pay the bills tonight how do I what does the woman meana.She agrees with the manb.They should visit their friend bill.c.The bills have already been paid.d.It would be a good idea to play billiards3.I think it would be nice to have a pet so do I what does the meana. He agrees with the woman.b.The woman has a nice pet.c.He should put the drinks on ice.d.A bit of luck would be nice.4.I think we should go out for dinner tonight how do I what does the woman meana.She would like the man to Prepare dinner tonightb.She thinks they should go out Tooc.They should cook dinner Outsided.They always go out for dinner​