Speaking Practice the dialogue below in front of the class then answer the questions!
Irene: Hi, sister. Congratulations on your graduation! I wish you good luck for your next plan,

Task 1

whatever it is. Here! I bought these flowers for you.

: Thank you for the bouquet. This card is so adorable.
Irene: Do you think so? I made it myself. I was thinking of you when I made it, and I sincerely

Eka: This is so beautiful. Thank you so much.


1. What is the relationship between Irene and Eka?

2. What kind of card does Irene give to Eka?

3. Why does Irene give the card to Eka?

4. What does Irene give besides the card?

5. Make and decorate a card based on the dialogue!​



1.The relationship between Irene and Eka is siblings.

2. The card that irene gave to eka was a congratulatory card.

3. Irene gave the card to eka because she had graduated.

4. Besides the card, Irene gave Eka flowers.

5. Yang nomor 5 ini disuruh buat membuat dan mendekorasi sebuah kartu ucapan berdasarkan dialog. Kata-katanya bisa kek gini:

"Congratulations on your graduation, sis! I wish you good luck for your next plan!"

Sisanya bisa dihias pake gambaran buket bunga, dll