DO THE ASSIGNMENT BELOW! Complete the following sentences with the correct subjective or objective
1. This question is complicated. Would you help me solve...., please?
2. Ganish looks very happy. ... received the best mark for Social Science.
3. Father looks tired. I'll make ... a cup of tea.
Mr and Mrs, Rahadian care for their children and often spend time with ...
5. Erlin and Emily meet at the bus stop. ... will go to Santi's house to finish their
group assignment.
6. Shirley is a cheerful girl and ... is always ready to entertain her friends.
7. We don't know about what's going on. Why don't you call us, so we can help...?
8. We have to wait here. Orlando will pick... up at 6.30 a.m.
Sorry, I don't know ... Have we ever met before?
10. Are you familiar with the man over there?... looks suspicious.